Welcome, my friend, to the world
Of sorrow
Strife is your way and life
Your school.
You’ll find two teachers
Both pain and love.
Pain will teach you forbearance
And love, selflessness
With the sweat of your face,
Must you live.
With sorrow must you
Pass your life
You will find no eternal life
Nor will your short life
Death is a bitter necessity
Dust thou art and to dust
Will thou return?
Strife is short and will last
Only as long as you live
But another life
You will have
The choice to live that in pain
Or eternal happiness
Is yours to make.
A sincere well-wisher

P.S. Towards the end, my friend,
You will realize that
The spelling of life is “S-T-R-I-F-E”
A combination of struggle
And life

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