The pussycat had been neglected
since nasty flaws had been detected
in her behaviour as such,
though in a way it was not much
to those who love their pussycats,
prefer them over rats and bats.
It seems that, in the dark of night
right after she would have a bite
of what they sell in shops as kibbles,
apparently these crunchy nibbles
do stimulate motility,
which means they work the pebbles free
inside the cat’s long feline gut,
soon after, they then leave her butt.
And she had long been in the habit
to dropp those pellets like a rabbit
wherever there was room to spare.
But many owners do not care
to wake to early morning fragrance
of what reminds of smelly vagrants.
In any case the cat had seen
the rat up in the tree, so green.
And contemplated climbing up
into the tree, up to the top.
As you might know, most any cat
will not turn down a meal of rat.
So, cat got ready to ascend
the giant tree, and there to end
the life of one of nature’s pests,
who’s prowling through the hidden nests.
And, with a sudden burst of speed
the cat was on her way, indeed.
She climbed and climbed with skill and stealth,
up in the tree. The future health
of one scared rat seemed on the block,
as midnight struck on the church clock
the cat was almost within reach
of its next meal when, with a screech,
the rat jumped up to spread his wings
(the cat had not expected things
to go so wrong at this late stage) ,
what followed was a noisy rage,
and, first the rat and then the cat
flew off the tree, one landed at
a smaller tree called Northern Pear,
had almost missed it, by a hair.
But pussycat, after her flight
had ended up not feeling right.
She’d landed in some warm cow pies
sank down up to her windswept eyes.
And as she looked up in the tree
to ascertain, also to see,
the cause for failure became known!
The rat had certainly not grown
those wings to fly with, that was that,
because the rat….it was a bat.

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