Cause and effect are related to each other in this year one can’t forget;
Days somehow we spent for six months out of station in the metro city!
Entire time of those days we spent looking after a smart child with fun;
Full time job it had become for us far away from the busy city centre;
Good atmosphere before a small forest like place we stayed to watch all;
High from that place it is beautiful to see the whole place in green trees!
In the festival of lights time, everyone around the place burnt sparklers;
Joy of lighting colourful sparklers and firing bonfires had no bounds there;
Keeping some sparklers and crackers for next festival, all are burnt to ashes;
Lovingly we with the little child full of wonder saw 360 deg. smoke only there!
Many festivals come, but Diwali is the best to enjoy and later New Year sure;
No one can deny this and miss this ever in life in this world full of fun…!
On and on if such festivals come, then there is nothing to feel fed up in life;
People want to celebrate best of time with kith and kin in group so ever sure!
Quite a lot many miss, if they travel to any other country at that time sure;
Resorts to outside coastal areas too such a thing one cannot enjoy so well ever;
Surely those who have gone to USA too cannot have seen such fun there we feel;
That time spent so well never leaves our mind and we can say that’s best moment!
Universe of Stars twinkling all night, we with sparklers flying in sky enjoyed
Very well the festival of lights that comes in October and November every year;
World festivals like New Year and Valentine’s Day only can be compared with Diwali!
X and Y type of people too laugh in fun only on such beautiful festival times only;
Zeal of all sorts of people flies high like free birds only on such happy occasion!

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