It revealed the month
And the date that I was born.
Of even date an inscription
The birth of a remarkable woman
Sanctified by her chastity
And acts of charity.
Another page has been turned
In my life story
It reminded me
The endless cold nights
Of being alone in my bed.
My old mother who is cooped up
In a worn out rocking chair
Cheated death thrice
To be with me
Afraid to leave me
In my solitary life.
She waits for me
To settle down
Eager to see little ones
Who will be her crown
And who will surround her
Around the rocking chair.
How can I tell her
That I have never been happy
Than being on my own
That there is heaven
In my corner alone.
How can I tell her
I don’t want to go through
The road she trod
When I remember
My heart melts for her.
The ugly scars
I always see in her hands
Whenever I hugged her
Evidence of hardships
She endured with all the men
She had loved in her life.
Memories of endless cries
Pain and suffering
Rootless wandering
Took an emotional toll on me
It made my heart numb
Killed the desire
To have another life
In my life.
I have tasted heaven
Alone with God
Everlasting happiness
I have experienced
Every moment I worked
In His Honor.
Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

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