developed on a sunny day
a toothache, causing him dismay.
This pain was, as you can believe
a constant one, with no reprieve.
He prayed in utter desperation
to old Poseidon for salvation.
And from the shore, well-dressed in Wranglers
pushed off in their small boat two anglers.
They dropped their lines, hook, line and sinker
to catch themselves a tasty stinker.
The fish, the one who had the pain
was going utterly insane.
He took into his mouth the bait.
‘The voice above said ‘got one, mate.’
Though in his urge to pull him out
he jerked too hard so that the trout
who did obey, as you will see
old Newton’s laws of gravity,
due to inertia and strong traction
moved from the water just a fraction.
And at that moment of great truth
something gave way, it was the tooth!
Thus, on that sunny day he’d float,
all smiles beneath the anglers’ boat.
He saved himself a Dentist’s bill
to date he’s there, and swimming still.
The moral of the story says
that teeth come out in curious ways.
And if you have a real ache
try swimming in a murky lake.

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