Conditions of living, one has to follow, are such that all see one with the image one does all;
Difference between one’s image and natural one if various much, nobody will trust one forever!
End of one’s drama will come one day, when all will know one in one’s true colour sans fail;
Full picture of one will make all get surprised or ashamed of being in company with such a one;
Good many number of persons in life pretend rather than behave truthfully for survival ever;
Having known of one’s double role in life and work, many maintain equidistant from such one!
Icons among men may be good or bad so due to some reason till they materialize their objective;
Just prolonging in the mask also not a permanent possibility as climax has to come sooner or later;
Keeping up promise or one’s vow, one will reveal who one is to the trusted people after a mission;
Likewise, life of many goes on in the world full of mysteries helping or harming some or all ever!
Much needs to be studied, before one has to take a firm stand in company with such personalities;
Nobody in the beginning knows of one in one’s true colour unless they face extraordinary situation;
Open secret of some also not so easily notable unless one is intelligent and smart in one’s dealings;
Particular character of one comes out, when one is emotionally out of control in the course of time!
Quickly also one cannot jump to a conclusion about one, because when truth is known, one will be placed in
Restless position making all matters complicated to bring normalcy in joint activities with such ones;
Spy networks have such kind of problems before all are introduced to each other in joint operations ever;
Transactions go on whether each one knows each other or not as doing things is important and not relations!
United actions for a common cause take place so as after the mission, they may meet or not depends on next job;
Verily such activities always go on suspense and thrill as we all see in such kind of movies generally;
World moves on so in the modern world of competition full of secrets to be maintained for security reasons!
X and Y connected persons cannot be known till the whole job is done jointly in many cases among nations;
Years of working together on foreign missions, they know each other only by intelligence strengthening ties;
Z box even before opened, missions ay be finished making secrets remain as secrets forever and ever….!

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