Cause for concern greatly now is the employment opportunities are very rare now
Due to heaviest population, competition in all fields and corruption everywhere!
Everywhere manual works are available for a meagre salary for the uneducated only;
Full of scarcity in job market, educated youths not getting suitable jobs look for
Good or bad jobs of any kind below their qualification for survival for long or short
Hoping soon good opportunity will change their status for long and in vain forever!
In all walks of life, their educational qualifications are of no use and value at all;
Joining some job after a great hunt, they feel their life has been wasted and useless;
Keeping pace with the changing trend in the world job market, it’s a great chase ever;
Looking for suitable job and losing interest in current jobs, they roam as gypsies…!
Many a hurdle on the way they have to encounter before heaving a sigh of relief ever;
Nothing gives satisfaction they long for in job, life and world they live in anywhere;
Over population, inefficient governance, unfamiliar surrounding and all dissatisfy all;
Perpetuation of same situation sans change, kills their mind and heart by corrosion..!
Quite unsure of next moment in life, they pull on the days looking on their horoscope;
Restoring their glorious status of their dream moves away as mirage in the desert daily;
Seeing the bleak nature of future, they become too extremists and opt for terrorist job;
Threat to their life have led them to choose worst mission creating threat to world peace!
Universe of theirs is full of promises but sans any safety and security to life and money;
Vagaries of their life is such that they don’t feel anything and do all in a matter of fact
Way from the very start of their new destructive assignment to their end of life itself soon!
X and Y of a very poor families do anything to amass wealth to live luxurious life later and
Yearnings of their hearts are passing clouds and wild dreams they don’t care due to hunger;
Zeal of life, joy and aspiration having died long ago, they walk and live as dead bodies only!

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