otherwise human beings
would have no conception
of justice or mercy
which is a solemn thought.
and there is no reason that this should not be true,
watches the unfolding Guantanamo saga
and considers thus:
‘That the ignorant of all nations
cry for revenge,
I weep over.
But that those who know the Law
and blazon it as their nation’s badge of pride
and then make exception
without remedy,
for years,
that is a crime a hundred times greater.
So I, Allah, the Just, the Merciful,
will allow this injustice to capture the mind
of a hundred Muslim youths
for every detainee;
of these, some may understand the Law;
and weep with Me;
some may ignorantly, cry for revenge
and act it out.
Is this not just and merciful?
It is the Law of ignorance.
Just suppose
He thinks that way.

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