Is closing in.
This idealogy embraced for generations…
Has an opporitunity,
To finally disappear.
Those raised on us,
Versus ‘they’ and ‘them’ strategies…
To conquer and win.
Are witnessing those lapses of gaps,
Being bridged to seal…
A humanity fed on conflict.
A humanity fed on superiority motives…
Based on one’s color of skin,
Coming to an end.
People sliced into diced pieces,
Now can fight to chase fears.
Sending that and other nonsense conflicts…
On a flight to forever vanish.
Sending it away to disappear.
If minds are allowed to awaken…
To remove the clouds from eyes,
To have their visions cleared.
Inspite those who will for purposes continue…
A desperate need,
To keep things falling apart.
To feed the delicious taste…
Of an evilness they’ve been fed to breed.

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