Actually, the yogis do it,
Not the bhogis,
Those yogis
Who have a command on carnal desires,
Not the ones tuning into woman-eloping
Traffickers or escapists.
Yoga is for health,
Yoga is control over mind and body,
Yoga is health and happiness,
Health tips
Through exercise
Combined with meditations on the Divine
As for concentration
Statures, poses and postures,
Moods and modes
But many of the yoga teachers
Teaching yoga in America
Turning into gurus,
Deviating and digressing from
While imparting lessons,
Indulging in relationships.
Can yoga be bhoga,
Yoga is yoga,
And those are not yogis
But bhogis,
Teaching yoga for money,
Selling classical Indian texts in foreign,
Can it be so?
Yoga is yoga, let it be not bhoga,
It’s yoga, not bhoga,
Which the Indian trainers in foreign
Misusing it,
The fake gurus with duplicate beards
Imparting education in yogas
For money and bhoga.

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