pay something on the light bill, something on the car… damn,
the rent’s due again, … what do you do?
work 50 hours a week for the same money you made in 1980…
but it wont foot the bill in 2011.
everybody’s tense, angry, lashing out… desperate people do
stupid things… families disintegrate, or are lost altogether to
the storm… people living in beat up old cars, people hungry,
lost without direction… and nobody seems to care, or to be
able to do anything about it…
our young people fighting in mindless wars overseas come home
to… no jobs!
we have become expendable commodities… numbers, excess
numbers without names…
sometimes i feel like i’m alone in a savage wilderness, with a
pocket knife and a map i cant read. i think we all do
we have got to find a way, to find our way… and i think the
only way we can do it is together!
thought for the day… love hard… fight harder!

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