As water of rain flows
My poems have flown from mind
As your bless gives us dignity
Light has given effect in flow.
Two thousand light rays dazzle
Wearing the garland of diamond flow,
Having many drops within a thread,
Light sings beautiful worship song,
Deep devotion is reflected,
All rays again unite in a power,
All rays are dedicated to you.
Oh dear God, by touch of your light,
All rays are empowered with love,
Every ray carries love and peace for all,
Two thousand light rays bloom in a place,
You are Supreme Soul and we are souls,
We live with your grace and identity.
Oh dear merciful eternal father of us,
You behold all these rays and protect
This mankind with your arms of peace,
You kindly save this Earth from danger,
Dedicating life towards you we live,
You forever sprinkle rays of love!
© Kumarmani Mahakul,04 February 2019. All rights reserved.

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