Of wallabies, wombats, platypus and emu
In a Land of varying climates to it’s own Nature true.
Australia the sunny Land of the far south
With wide open spaces for to travel about
Far out of the City in the brown lands out there
The kookaburra’s laughter echoes in the clear air.
In the sunniest Land of the Southern Hemisphere
In parts it is warm twelve months of the year
And in parts the Winter days can be cold, wet or dry
With welcome spells of rain in May, June and July.
The Land of possums, Koalas and pied currawong
The birds it is said who have rain in their song
from the tip of Cape York to Victoria’s southerm shore
Four thousand miles of road or maybe even more.
The Land of echidna and rosella and magpie lark
Whose voice can be even heard in City park
Of honeyeaters and lories and magpies who sing every day
In the Land from all other Lands so far away.

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