This means desires for independence
And financial success at right hand,
But its sound produces aggressive behavior
And a person who is aggressive in business
Sometimes many refer to him as Bebel.
Belbel is a regional word of our area,
This is a word of Sambalpuri language
Anciently Sambalpuiri is refereed as Koshli,
Bebel and Belbel both have little similarity
But these differ in meaning and purpose,
Belbel refers to intentional harassment,
When a person intentionally asks for works
And puts another in trouble frequently,
Then again and gain he repeats his commands
Only with intention to harass and cause harm
Then this is referred as Belbel.
The person who obeys the commend of another
Is generally a subordinate
Who works under commanding boss,
Utilizing his power in bad way,
To fulfill his greedy desires,
Boss frightens the worker or employee
To complete his personal works
And not the office works assigned,
And he blackmails in different ways,
And the employee works by force for boss,
Even after he works for many hours
At home of boss more than of his life,
This type of workplace bullying
It is called as Belbel!
When a boss named Bebel does belbel
The worker although works by force
For this greedy boss who seeks wealth,
Paying his labour and earnings
Without any purpose of success
Falling under pressure given by boss,
He loses his own freedom due to belbel,
This is so sad really,
Boss Bebel should have sense of humanity
And he should learn values of love and care,
His ego and greed will not last for long,
He should remember that,
He will receive fruits of his sins one day.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,09 February 2019. All rights reserved.

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