The house wears deserted look as decadence of gloom
There is different story to tell with hiding of face in room
Parents may be worried more
There life may be later on very sore
How much in future they will have to bear?
The life may be burdened more with fears
The son is taken as future life line
He may look after well and feel them fine
He may be by the side when they dine
They will have no idea when will be sidelined?
Real maltreatment to girl child
Members look hostile and not remain mild
Male member cleared favored
Girl child scolded and bored
The facts remain entirely different
This fact is seen and very apparent
Girls do care more about family
The sons discard them very easily
Today girls have come off very strongly
They are praiseworthy and lead very happily
Today girls are no more curses
They stand for future with very good promises
No need to scream or make false alarm
Girls are equally conscious and very warm
They do and perform what is really expected
They must find place and positively responded
You should feel very proud
This can be reiterated or spoken very loud
Girls are heritage and spinning wheel
World can move on with strong will
They are strong pillars of society
No one should feel shame or pity
They are equally competent and responsive
Only they should not be harassed or made submissive

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