With no umbrella to shield our heads
How I wish to walk with you
My hands twined around your waist
And no one around but only you and me
As the sun hides behind the Western gats
Bleeding red and waxing pale
How I wish to ramble hand in hand
Along the sea shore under the canopy of the sky
Sharing silent thoughts and counting the waves
Lost in our private world, just you and me
On a clear day when the Southern Bay
Like a voluptuous maid lies draped in blue
And its placid surface dotted with sailing boats
How I wish to get into one
And drift afar to some unknown destination
With no one else but you and me
On a silent morn, standing on a rocky precipice
How I wish to proclaim aloud to a world,
Slowly emerging from the haze of mist
That you are mine and mine only
And to its rebounding echo, a spectral form from far
Responding- ‘We are one, you and me’
Somewhere in a sheltered nook,
Screened from the buzzing crowd, a river winding by
With clear waters snoozing on the white sand
In a small sequestered cottage,
Where nightly winds flute on the window panes
How I wish to build a life with just you and me
As we stand in a tight warm embrace
When my hot breath falls on the nape of your neck
And as you pant with passion like a frightened deer
How I wish to get enrobed in your mystery
And sail down to the abyss of an unknown experience
When nobody else matters, but only you and me!
When life takes an obliterating course,
When suddenly the night closes over
And dangers prowl around us like carnivores beasts,
How I wish we could still remain one in spirit and soul
And the vagrant fate or the wanton death
Could never separate us, you and me!

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