Why do u see what I see in you?
Afraid that I’m lying that it isn’t true,
Your beauty, your brain there perfect can’t you see,
That you are ten times smarter and prettier than me!
You have these baby blue eyes that glisten in the sun,
And the that beautiful face when your hairs in a bun,
Don’t get me started on that figure you see,
You know I just want to run my hand over it but that’s just me,
And you brain! So much bigger than you think it could be,
You’re a genius Chloe just take it from me,
It hurts when I see you doubt you brain each day,
Because it makes me want to scream and shout at you by the way,
Because you are so smart and funny too,
Maybe exams just arn’t good for you,
And everything we have been threw just take this away,
There isn’t a minute a second a day,
That I don’t think you are beautiful, magnificent and grand,
And I swear if you make me hire a band,
If that’s the only way you’ll believe me to embarrass you and tell you I will,
Put you on Ellen, Jeremy Kyle, dr, Phil,
If u take one thing away let it be this,
Your just so beautiful, when I see you it’s bliss.

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