I’ m just hanging outside,my spouse’s pants
and by chance
I see you crawling, I correct
I see you working, perfect,
so diligently
with your hundreds, thousands,
why dear ant,is your queen intending to fly?
such suitable weather by and by
my beloved says he’ll kill you all
since you make our territorium very small
according to him are you all lovers of one queen
and inbetween
you have those loverboys especially for the queen
as her toys
if she does not make love to he
he’ll fly out and dies instantly
except the queen
she has the special position
to be sexually involved with
the ones she choses
the most handsome slaves
yes, she needs more than one
then she goes flying out to another nest
where her workers, all females,
have prepared her brand new rest
and the queen of the ants
will reign for another cycle her big fertile land….
©Sylvia Frances Chan
Wednesday 26 June 2019 –
@ 12.54 noon Dutch Time

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