Pure life allows mind to bloom in light.
Sunshine of this golden morning dazzles,
Beauty of breeze attaches moments of joy,
Every leaf of green flowering plants dreams.
Golden crown of sun in sky is offered,
God has given grace of power of freedom,
Light of wisdom is sprinkled in this Earth.
Stems and twigs bearing buds to bloom,
They have grown towards sun to welcome,
Hearing God’s song they are devotional.
Plants have offered these buds to God,
Burning impurities in light they are pure,
Buds for blooming in paradise have entered.
One thousand and five hundreds golden buds,
In this garden these have grown towards God,
Wearing golden crowns they will smile in love.
Fully blooming in wisdom these buds truly,
Becoming flowers these will spread fragrance,
Great beauty of God’s light each bud carries.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,01 December 2017. All rights reserved.

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