That none and nothing can change for the advanced one in a field
Living among the mediocres and down to earth type ones forever!
These dreams are the like the hug of a mother to her children ever
That only can give comfort and hope for survival with confidence
Surmounting all hurdles that appear on and on on every-walk of life
Needing endurance and perseverance to achieve what one loves ever!
This island is the only place of Nature with all beauties and freedom
Open to one to indulge as one pleases whatever be the woe of the world
In the long and changeless state of stupor all are driven to languish sure
For centuries and centuries till the end of the time in the world by fate!
Wisdom lies in enjoying the best in the worst to wade through all hurdles
Eternal on the route to a state of heaven by doing the best one can be sure!

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