At home or outside we feel serious problems
In living, breathing, eating, working;
Weather and climate are also in troubles
All these dangers are for environment pollution,
Environment is getting polluted;
Uses of fossil fuels, poisons, harmful gases are much,
Cutting, burning, forest areas, trees, nature go random,
Inventing and abusing of atom, chemical weapons,
Unnecessary uses and abuses of all kind of staffs,
Unplanned and unnecessary constructions,
Unhygienic, unsanitary living,
Throwing poisonous wastage in open field, water
All these together are threatening the environment,
Environment is getting polluted;
To protest these alarming catastrophes
We must undertake some pragmatic steps
To reduce the uses of fossil fuels harmful chemicals, gases
To stop clearing, cutting, burning forests, trees
To reduce wastages but to recycle and start reuses,
And to throw rubbishes, dusts in safety places,
Environment is getting polluted.
Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │ 25 December,2017

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