Also, art has the power to make all feel sorrow deep in heart too
Better than other ways to share one’s grief and get satisfaction!
Nature gives comfort and solace to heart, mind and soul for one in
Deep distress in life can’t be overcome any means in this world;
But art is a great device to divert one’s attention from grief to
Gaiety by expressing out heart’s heaviness of pain to feel free!
Both Nature and art give much scope for deep exploration about the
Mystery of life to manage oneself when affected and overcome it
By the consoling effect of them in a relieving way nothing can do so
To revive and renew one’s self to go on better in the rest of life!
Sans art and Nature, man has no way to overcome sorrow in life and
See the shore of hope to continue the balance of one’s journey with
New hope and vigour to cross all resources of Nature to reach the
Mountain peak so as to mingle one with the Universal spirit in sky!

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