Beside me, the lulled sea moved on and on,
Like a bird on wings that dives and soars.
A cool breeze flitted across my face,
Like the caressing touch by the Beloved’s hands,
I watched the clouds that trailed along,
Hanging a canopy over the azure sky.
Below my feet, lay the sandy shore,
Extending miles on end to infinite lengths,
I lay on it with my arms out stretched,
And my mind lost in the maze of unending thoughts.
I brooded over the mysteries still hidden to man,
Yearning to peer into caverns, the ocean hid.
Struck by a sense of awe, I reposed,
While my gaze fixed on the firmament of stars.
As the salubrious air glided past,
I swam into a state of self – abandonment.
Bliss was it to be in the company of mermaids,
Dancing and singing in celestial cheer.
I wonder why the melodious strains,
Had given way to a thunderous roar? ?
Behind me I heard the deadening sound,
Of roaring waves, lashing on the cliffs.
Swift as lightening, they surged over,
Swivelling the sands I lay upon,
Oh! Again and over again, the booming thud,
It fell heavily in my fretful ears!
Before I could sense what was on,
I found myself swept away by the current,
To be cast in the abyss of the unnumbered,
Those hapless souls, eaten up by the Tsunami waves! !

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