The Bible is a purpose to reference Him.
Although many open it to underscore…
How best to remove themselves from sin!
Without a single clue,
The Earth is a living and breathing ‘entity’.
If it wasn’t for the Sun…
And its relationship to the Moon,
None of us would have conflict…
If an ignorance of this would from us be lifted.
None of us would fight…
Over who has more of a religious right!
Since long before those divisions began…
The Moon was there!
And so was the Sun.
Along with the Stars we see at night.
And those into a self righteousness…
Even with a ‘divine’ tool to use.
Will always find reasons to feed,
A symbolic need to physically…
Authorize their appetites.
As God watches,
From an omniprescence.
Knowing from a darkness…
He patiently awaits for us,
To turn on the ‘lights’!
By simply asking for this to be done.
And yet…
All of us are not assigned to see,
The magnificence that ‘is’ of this ‘Deity’.

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