At the end the result they do get,
In good they please as if in a fete. [1]
Every exam leads towards result contain,
As per performance they hope, maintain.
It signifies in life we follow the action,
Action leads to a fruit is called reaction. [2]
Some like to gossip leaving their work,
Still it is an action brings failure murk.
Each soul is student each day is examination,
Each minute is tutor every life is tuition. [3]
Here cosmic law acts that brings our birth,
We face exam of life including death on earth.
Wonder this exam is eternal and excellent,
About God’s creation nobody can comment. [4]
God is super teacher comes and does teach,
He tries to liberate washing sin of each.
During Confluence Age Father comes here,
We feel cheer ever by getting him near. [5]
Action is examination result is the fruit,
Without knowing this many do hoot.
Come people burn sin in eternal fire,
Love God you can save from time of dire. [6]

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