Beauty of unity and trust motivates mind,
We are in pure oblation of love for God.
The white oleander flower nests in holy basil,
Creeper of bitter gourd flower keeps nectar,
Sacred fig tree leaves form crown of moment,
Flowering twigs of holy basil smile gently.
Five petals of wiled red flower drop dew,
Autumn prayer is offered before oblation,
Fig tree leaf gives reflection of devotion,
We offer our trust worthy efforts to God.
We feel brightness and perceive holy time.
Around petals of oleander flower light shines,
Leaves and flowers offered naturally smile,
Successful oblation is fragranced in holy basil.
Every holy basil leaf is energetic to heal mind,
Bitter gourd leaves and flowers plan to fruit,
Natural harmony is seen in beautiful buds,
Uniform blossom is graced by God in oblation.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,16 October 2017. All rights reserved.

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