And why should I want to leave old Millstreet Town
To live in a big city far away.
The birds sing in the groves of Liscahane
The bullfinch and the robin and the wren,
Why should I wish to leave the place I love
To swell the restless band of homesick men?
The swallows they return home in Spring
And to and fro above the meadow fly
In Millstreet I was born, weaned and raised
And I’ll live in Millstreet till the day I die.
In Gneeves brown bog land shlauning out dark peat
the hill sheep bleating and the larks in song
On a pleasant saturday morning in May
I feel that my soul in this old Land belong.
The far off hills to him don’t look so green
And Anthony is happy with his lot
The happy man don’t yearn for foreign Lands
he stays at home and lives in his own plot.
He’s happy for to live near Millstreet Town
And to see old Clara mountain every day
And why should he wish to leave the place he love
For to live in a big city far away.

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