When Eoin himself was only a young fellow
And may he rest in peace forever more.
His dad’s bones rest at the foot of the Mourne mountains
He was buried in the spot he wished to lay
It was a different Ulster that he lived in
So different from the Ulster of today.
The R.U.C. even broke into his casket
For to see if any guns were hidden there
It was a Land of mistrust and suspicion
The scars of war take ages to repair.
He was a man who deeply loved his Country
One of the noble and brave hearted who
Made sacrifices for their beloved Homeland
And to the cause of Ireland he was true.
The guns of death are silent now in Ireland
And after years of war there’s peace and harmony
And Perhaps Owen Murphy from the hills of heaven
Looks down and smiles quite pleased at what he see.
Eoin Murphy to this day talks of his father
The man who died in nineteen thirty four
His grave at the foot of the famed Mourne mountains
And may he rest in peace forever more.

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