Five foot ten without high heels and well proportioned and fair
And young women of such beauty to say the least quite rare.
Twenty on her last birthday and almost in her prime
Young women of such beauty have inspired the bards to rhyme
The local young men rave about her but of her they can only dream
For she is bound for bigger things at least that’s how ‘twould seem.
Next month she leaves Korumburra she is going north I hear
To the Harbour City of Sydney to start a modelling career
The catwalks of The Fashion World she will walk up and down
And the Rose of Korumburra will know great wealth and renown
She will be rich and famous and in The Fashion World well known
The Rose of Korumburra in a class of her own
We will read of her success and feel a certain pride
That she hailed from the old Town in the South Gippsland country side.
The Rose of Korumburra approaching her prime day
And she is destined for bigger things the well informed say
As a wealthy and famed young woman far north of her Hometown
The catwalks of The Fashion World she will walk up and down.

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