Through Britain and Australia from north to southern shore
He must have travelled down the years a million miles or more.
I met him in Melbourne a few years back as he was passing through
And he told me of his travels and the places he’d been to
He’d just flown in from Queensland ’tis hot up there he said
In height of Summer weather warm you even sweat in bed.
Since he left Dublin years ago to far off Lands he’s been
And it is good to hear him talk of the marvellous sights he’s seen
He has seen the great Lands of the World and he likes to talk about
His travels in the Hemispheres the north and the far south.
He has seen the World’s great cities since he’s left his native Land
And London and New York he know like the back of his hand
And though he left Ireland years ago and live in the U S A
A hint of Dublin accent with Eoin from Dublin stay.

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