And Lachlan is one very lucky fellow
In love and life he hasn’t done too bad.
His wife a beautiful blond super model
A queen of the catwalk young Sarah O Hare
The type of woman that many only dream of
For lack of male attention she need not despair.
If Lachlan did not have a tycoon father
He well may lead an ordinary life
He may be working in a nine to five job
And not have a wealthy model for a wife.
And if Lachlan was son of a working fellow
The trappings of wealth he could never show
He would not travel around chaffeur driven
And Sarah O Hare he would never know.
He is seen as one of the rich and famous
His photograph often seen in ‘New Idea’
Holding hands and kissing his lovely Sarah
With their affluent friends out to a business tea.
Forgive me if I seem a little jealous
If in my judgements I seem very small
But feelings of envy are not uncommon
And I am only human after all.
Lachlan the son of Mr Rupert Murdoch
A young man with a beautiful young wife
And if he did not have such a wealthy father
He well might lead an ordinary life.

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