Holiday Boredom

Here I sit because I did not choose
To waste my life in the empty living room
But in actual fact, I had nothing much to loose
It was the holidays, and I was young

Here I lie because I did refrain
From squeezing into the sardine-packed train
Thinking of all those who breathe down my neck
Will send me into a nervous wreck

Here I decay because I did agree
To snack on Chips and watch TV
Until the sun’s down and the cows come home
I’ll still be forever alone

Here I type to avoid suspicion
From the librarian who took a curious peek
For someone to stare motionlessly at Google
Is a weird occurrence indeed

Here I stand upon the reception counter
To borrow a crystalized essence of thought
Maybe A Thousand Splendid Suns will brighten my day
And flush my boredom away

So here I start my little reverie
In the comfort of my turquoise-colored room
But no sooner will I’ll slip back into my shell
And be asleep until the next morning bell.

And thus I slouch because I did reject
The invitation to rave with the noisy, boisterous rest
A little fun is not time that was to lose
But it was holiday boredom, and I was young.

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