And i have seen them making up schemes to digress the law,
And devising a plan to dissuade my people! !
How long shall this be?
Yet still, they say that all is well;
And where are the ethics of my people? !
For the false prophets around have captured their minds.
Positive is the way ahead and truth is beautiful,
But for the lack of knowledge my people perish in your hands;
And the whole world is deceived as at now,
But these false prophets say that all is well.
We are now in the state of dilemma without control,
But blessed is the one whose eyes do see;
So chisel out the tablets and tell them the truth,
For how long shall they lead my people in the dark? !
The truth is always beside us if only if we will look around for it,
And it is like the muse of my love in the land of peace;
So be very wise on this earth before it is too late,
For not all that glitters around you is gold.

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