And keep standing by me
If I start speaking the Truth,
If I start picking up the right path
And keep going along it?
What if I call spade a spade?
As the Sun rises
It repels darkness away
From the corners and the Zenith,
Each and every direction,
But never can it remove shadows-
Behind the objects,
Behind the scenes,
Behind the bars,
Behind the secret doors
of faith and religious beliefs,
and windows
ofbiased mind.
And for the purpose
A differentSun needs to rise.
Aspiring, yet associating,
Bright, yetcompassionate,
Cajoling, yet charming,
Not only on the East horizon
But over and above our skies,
Along and across our paths,
In and around the boundaries
Of our self-driven lives,
Within and through the walls,
borders and narrow corridors
of selfish designs, lusty outlooks
And ceaseless greed.
Subhas Chandra Chakra
29 August 2018.

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