Your perceptions and mine
Are out of sync.
I don’t share what I think!
These observations come from a ‘knowing’.
A something existing.
With or without my experience in the mix.
However I got it like that…
That’s the way it is!
I am going to be on your mind,
For entire lifetimes.
The basicness of thought,
You can not today comprehend.
You rather glide through life,
On just a piece of the puzzle.
I want to discover how those pieces fit.
And what the big picture looks that,
To get a sense of it!
I am going to be on your mind,
For entire lifetimes.
Because my curiosity,
Will not allow me to quit.
And God has granted me the gift to write…
And with that ‘gift’
I choose to express my impressions.
And I am impressed not with pieces…
But the whole.
As it sits.
Using a bit of explored insight,
And an array of lessons learned.
Not one bit of them imagined,
To get the jest of it as a process to yearn…
For confirmation and less for shock.
Each time I perceive the evidence…
Someone tries to keep suspended in disbelief!
If it fits…
There is less to ponder!

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