I’m suppose to be attracted to you?
Because you have a suit on?
You ain’t even the kind I like.
So you’re wasting your time here…
‘All I am doing is waiting for the bus!
That’s all!
Nothing more. Nothing less.’
I’ve heard those lines before.
‘Nothing more. Nothing less.’
You don’t have to get technical about it!
I met my 4th husband at a bus stop.
He thought he was ‘all that’ too!
He died from a puncture wound.
‘Sorry to hear that! ‘
I’m over it now!
I was paroled two weeks ago!
‘Paroled? ‘
He snatched my weave off my head.
Trying to tell me I didn’t look like BeyoncĂ©!
And I paid Two Hundred Dollars too?
He’ll never do that again.
Fourty-eight times I punctured him in self defense!
HEY! ?
Why you running?
The bus ain’t got here yet!
And he calls himself a man?
Ain’t no more men around.
I ain’t found one yet…
To let me complete the entire story.
I’ll tell you.
Since you ain’t said nothing…
And your mouth is wide open.
I had to wrestle a gun from him!
He said I looked like a muskrat.
And he was going to shoot it off my head!
I snapped.
Killed him and the muskrat!
Oh…here comes the bus.
And don’t be looking at me like I’m crazy.
These are my eyes!
Natural blue.
And this platinum hair? ? ?
It’s mine…

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