There is fear of loosing the race with worry
I am restless all the time and feel so sorry
As human being I have all weaknesses
I am not blind and Eveready to assess
That provides some insight to react
Balance the situation and timely act
It is very difficult to establish and reign
There may be many obstacles to begin
Though very hard initially, we become akin
The normal tendency returns when you are deep skin
I wish it to hold up till the end
I follow it with continuous trend
There is set way of tackling in different way
It may click in or give the way away
You are easy pry to be swallowed at any moment
First they may make you nervous by adverse comments
If not then discouragement by way of creating hurdles
Lastly enough of rivalry and pinching if not poked by needles
This is experienced in every walk of life
It has been subjected to the edge of knife
Many worst kind of crisis surface and unseat you completely
You may not have little knowledge even lately
Here survives only the strongest
The course is steered by the ablest
The weak has no role to play
It is better they die or keep away
No human values are kept in mind or allowed to grow
There is hostile posture and pathetic unkind show
If you have clear ability to distinguish and disguise
Your ship will sail smoothly and cruise
The fate hangs in balance
What requires most is fine piece of brilliance?
An alert state of mind coupled intelligence
And possibly the skill to use in complete presence
There is no scope for any kind feeling
There systematic way of killing
No rivalry is tolerated or completely removed
The anticipatory tactic is deliberately moved
He surprise move is considered as master art
The constant move makes man perfect and smart
He develops the ability to counter any threat
When time comes to face it eventually meet
The thought pulsation is quick weapon
It helps to guide even when race is won
It requires careful approach for follow up
The gain will be lost otherwise if not summed up
So long we are on face of earth
There will threat of imminent death
If one sits idle for the fear of consequences
The history is witness for such instances

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