Tease papa always with broad smile
Soon it was to prove deception for while
If myth was reality and ready to explode,
Dark clouds were at horizons ready to invade,
Time has come when spade is to be called spade,
Memory is short and ready to fade,
One fine morning I ventured into garden,
Flowers were in boom and fruits so laden,
Blossom could be seen and was at its peak,
Future was to turn gloom and soon to be bleak,
I heard laugh and murmuring voice,
It was my papa roaming with lady nice,
Was this real papa who used to be so kind?
I was loosing sense with disturbed mind
I held long breath and wept for while,
Papa at home always used to smile,
we may now loose pap by extra mile
in our own home we may live in exile
was mother at fault that she never learnt?
Did she know already and allow finger to be burnt?
I didn’t know as what is to be done,
Is that to be called fate which took on us sudden?
I sat restless but not preferred to hate,
Papa used to come home not very late,
There was never a question where I had to rate,
Was that not cruel game played by the fate?
I still do relish and find you papa dear,
You may have been bitter by long many years,
Mom being ugly you couldn’t her bear,
Life may be very hard and out of gear,
You may have compelling reasons,
But you never changed with seasons,
You took great care and looked after us well,
Life continued to be difficult and living hell,
Papa I see the reasons behind,
Though it may be new for me to find,
I won’t be carried away by heavy wind,
Heart may feel heavy, thoughts full in mind,
Papa I never blame you for simple reason,
you have been always kind and also human,
Had it been fact so and you with other woman?
I too feel as a female and not as simple layman,
had it not been papa you so dear?
We would have lived always with unknown fear,
Would have faced woes and no one could hear,
Could have lost simply with no patience to ears,
So to say papa you are still the best,
At least we could find home as nest,
We continue to rest trying our best,
Days may pass and future will be test,
I never regret your decision precise,
Hold you with high esteem in our premise,
Never I may utter a word even at my demise,
I say this to self and make you promise

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