I sensed some checks were going on body
Surely they were hands of experts or somebody
I was not sweating yet felt some water drops on face
Daughter was unable to control emotions in this case
Time was running out and she had to take decision
In few hours from now I shall be no more as living person
I gathered the strength and tried to murmur
It was difficult to speak but tried to utter
She leaned over my head and landed an ear
It seemed as if I was away since many years
“You are intelligent girl and can think of future”
“Don’t get perturbed over my departure”
I was loosing pulse yet spoke few more words
“Just push ahead and never look backward
“Miss me not” for work has not been left unfinished
Any living being has to go and stand perished
Whoever has come on earth may have to depart
This is philosophy of life and inseparable part
She was loosing control with emotions
What else was to be picked up as lessons?
Gain the strength and steadily walk one the rope
I had advised her not to loose hope
This is how life is to be spend and carried on
If stay undecided then most of the life might be gone
Something good has to be picked up and followed
Emotion and attachment are not to take over or allowed
Death is certain and in knowledge of everybody
Heaven may accept soul leaving behind the body
The mortals may be consigned to flames to merge with earth
The mission was accomplished as life was lived after birth
The relatives and children may lament the demise
As life was spent with struggle and lots of promises
I tried to close the eyes for eternal sleep
But won’t know when I may sleep in coma very deep

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