No greed but only one wish
The drive for only fight to finish
How may have committed suicide?
What does it speak of or confide?
Where are we heading for future?
No one can say it for sure
Like me many more may be bleeding with sound
Their cry may never be heard or look sound
It may be heard by vultures and hungry animals
Their entry may be noticed only after arrivals
We are democratic country with all the statutory provisions
Everything is written and prevails no confusion
Anybody can lay a hand on anything they like
Prices can be sky rocketed with exorbitant hike
What a common man will do to survive?
Where from will he manage to live?
Nothing is within reach for square meal
The big fishes have hand on everything to steal
Farmers are ending their life
Situation is not normal and torn with strife
Not a single day is passing off without any scandal
This is danger situation and may turn suicidal
Country may face near bankruptcy
Whole national wealth may look empty
It may lie in foreign banks to destabilize economy
To whom we may call friends or enemy?
Can we prefer such system where people have no faith?
Unarmed people beaten and pushed to near death
How long the country may witness upheaval?
Who will volunteer to sacrifice his life for bringing heaven?
No forces, democratic or autocratic, can muffle the voice
You have commitment and pledge to fulfill the promises
History may not pardon you for commitment of sacrilege?
You can’t claim immunity in democracy as previlage

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