You were not only tall in stature but stalwart
A handsome figure, very good looking and smart
You proved your worth time and again
You worked very hard even in rain
You had feelings for everybody including family
We all had nice time to be spent easily
It is not the male domination society alone
The female too play great part and sworn
It is joint move to prove worthy of being human
Where nothing counts as man or woman
Not at single count you let us down
We happily brought up and grown
Nothing mattered much to our discomfort
It was always happy voyage to land at port
There never developed any kind of cold
The new concept and result was seen in our world
We developed with respect as powerful family
It was unique and unparallel experience really
It was real world to enjoy and spent with
We were totally committed and armed with teeth
It was joint venture with full commitment
Every move was synchronized with moment
I do not remember that I ever lied
Not a single moment was left untried
It was not difficult at all to align
Everything moved in orderly manner and looked fine
Did we ever enter into conflict?
Was there any intention for injury to inflict?
I would not find an answer in yes
This was honest feeling with real face
I would not dream it to happen at any stage
As we have grown up sincerely with the age
It was not the matter to be accommodated
The relation was based on foundation and equated
You always provided me comfort
I can firmly say it with good report
It is not happening with all the families
But with one who always supports and rallies
There might have been no more disturbances
Had there been no love at once?
It might involve deep pain and anguish
Still it is love and not fights to finish
How deep and lovely relation it has?
What a critical and crucial phase it is?
Momentum in relation with so much ups and down
Still no room for complaint and reason to frown
Shall we last the same till the end?
I would love your smile with same trend
Will you smile even from grave?
I will bear the brunt with enough reason to be brave

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