How could this be?
What a sweet sensation can
All of this be?

Every time I hear
The very sound of his name,
My heart skips its beat.

I hope in the deepest part
Of my desolate heart,
That we be one forever.

Let us be entwined together
By the most sacred and
Beautiful of emotions in this world.

Let us be inseparable until
Death does part us.

Even the very thought of him
Fills my eyes with
Bitter tears of despair.

Desperate, I am ‘cause
He’s faraway, a long way
Away from me.

He fills the dreams
Of my sleep.
Not one night passes without him.

My heart yearns to
Belong to him alone.
It knows not rest.

I love him and it will be so
Or let death take me away
If it can’t be so.

Let me not live another day
Without the hope of
Being his alone someday.

This be my wish
Until my dying day.

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