Sitting within the comforts
My home offered me,
I wondered if I really
Ought to take this chance.

Life seemed brilliant
And safe as usual
Yet my heart yearned
To stand up for
What I truly believe in.

My mind pointed out
How comfortable I could
Live my life if I chose,
Tempting me to stay
Here in my comfort zone.

Yet the overwhelming pressure
My heart pressed me with
Made me stand to take risk

I took my steps
With all my strength.
I had to walk out
Into the darkest night.

I was out in the cold,
Dark and lonely world
All by myself.

The night held its terrors
For every traveler and
I was no exception.

Fear gripped me and
Shook me inside out.
Yet I knew I had to move on.

And I’m still, to this day,
Walking in the dark night
Looking for that light
Which will guide me
to my destiny.

What horrors wait for me
I care not for I’ve made
A choice that can’t be reversed.

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