To live on the land
That was fought for as motherland
I may not claim ancestral heritage
I may not even lay claim on historical pages
But what would happen about?
If I am forced to be driven out
I shall not blame outside forces
Who sell the ideas through powerful resources?
To destabilize the country with seeds of dissension
And whole of the population to live under fear and confusion
We divided it on the basis of religion
We formed separate identity with region
What is now to talk about other people and their land?
When we have an independent path and soil called motherland
How to deal with disgruntled lot?
When they have not seen colonial rule or ever fought
Who will show them great sacrifices made by our forefathers?
Why do they not think of poor brethrens who still suffer?
Their condition and plight has remained same, prior and after?
Partition or no partition they hold no land either
Up above the sky and nothing to look down
Virtually in their own land they have remained unknown
Constitution has to uphold the traditional values
No cast, creed, religion is to be given overdue
You find their arithmetic illogical and digest the bitter pill
Where is supremacy for people’s voice and their will?
Land of Ganges pure is flowing with liquor
Ladies are raped whether they are major or minor
Where is the impartial judiciary and effective laws to look after?
Whose country is this to think of and bother?
For whom we are fighting for?
For whose values and tradition we are going at war?
Is it to suffer more and burden with poverty?
Or to leave the country with open door to His mercy
Let terrorists come and strike at will!
Let gangsters come, loot or kill!
They have nothing but coffers to fill
‘Might is right’ may rule forever and stay still

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