I love some of my friends and relatives
As they are close and very subjective
I may never find time in whole life
As husband has no spare time for wife
Yet something is to be talked about
Else you face the possible rout
How can I say you keep off?
How can I that rude and rough?
Everybody is built of some fine stuff
No amount of arguments can help not even bluff
I know only mortals may remain
I may prefer to be excluded in my domain
But at what cost I enjoy the fame?
What is there good in the name?
Do we thing work may end so soon?
The sun may not have afternoon
The evening may not set in
The birds may not return and sing
I am apologetic to those friends
Do not take it to illogical end
It may be ridicule to end in clever manner
Yet the fact may be known sooner
I would love rather to hear you gently
Those words not heard before silently
How long I may have to face dry spell?
Nothing at present seems going well
I would never question brilliant face off
I have no strength to argue or scoff
Yet it pains from within not to press
Instead prefer isolation and dearly miss
No one may have time to care for
No one may even prefer to be very sure
As it will not take them to reality
Because they want to maintain good quality
I would love to talk at length
With any one who cares and match with strength
It is not the intelligence that matters most
The relation is pushed aside and remains frost
It is very hard to go on for sentiments
You may have sugar coated comments
That may not cut much deep with the ice
As it does not really match with the promises
I hope relations are weighed in any terms
It adds to some worry and concerns
Nothing goes off well with nice duration
It gives room for deterioration with some indication
I end up by saying welcome all
I regret saying it without any standard fall
I love all despite my tight schedule
I want it to be durable and ideal module
I may perish along with my brethren
It may then be smooth and happy turn
I shall bid good bye despite having no time
I shall regret only “No time” but as no crime

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