But I become very sad seeing on
My brothers and sisters are being cut down around
By bombs and missiles by some odd and cruel men;
Just the day before a sister of mine
Was shot down by a monster Zion
He was scolded and his action was condemned
By a man of humanity, whose good name is John
But for the other cases of rape and murder around the world
Humanity gone into bins
And to prevent the heinous crimes there is none;
In the wee hours Today came a smart girl
A young lady may be she is of twenty-two or twenty-three
Before I know anything she took nine pictures
By her Nippon camera with a smile and that too is for free;
Perhaps one day like my brothers and sisters I will die
With smart bombs and tamarack missiles
But today I have enough reasons to be happy
And on my round face to have a big smile
As someone in me has seen a tinge of my folded beauty.

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