Said is deep in God.
But a fear kept and limited,
Daily sits with you…
And warmly visits.
Put yourself on the hypocrite list!
And keep this in mind…
When you discover a scripture,
Delivered quickly from your lips.
Especially one easily remembered.
To find and repeat all the time!
One short and sweet.
And often rhymes.
Anyone with claims,
To have a faith in a ‘Spirit’
With awesome power,
To lift their lives from burdens.
And able to gift them with blessings!
Who and what does one like this,
Try to convince?
When ‘that’ which is The Almighty…
Is constantly aware and listening,
For evidence of it.
Perhaps they view God,
Like many are prone to do.
From a pew on Sunday.
With a routine to follow through!
And name dropping to impress.
Yet being totally disconnected.
But hoping what is expressed…
Gains them an expectation of acceptance.
With quotes, notes and a nod from other folks.
Who like them…
Believe God is listening more intently!
Since they are inside ‘the house’,
Historically rumored and reported…
God lives in!
And He does not come out!
Or know a thing about them.
Or their pretensions to be…
More than the hypocrites they’ve been.
And He has known this from the beginning.
Since this they have insisted,
To choose and show to Him.
And even in their confessions,
This Deity remains unimpressed!

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