And though I live far from Millstreet Town you may find it surprising
That I oft times return to there when I start visualizing.
I’ve wandered near, I’ve wandered far elusive dreams to follow
But I am still a Millstreet man from Millstreet in Duhallow
In dreams I hear the chaffinch sing, the robin piping gaily
And hear the meadow pipit call in meads near Ballydaly.
The carolling lark o’er rushy moor towards heaven’s gate is winging
And on the bank of flooded stream the joyful dipper singing
And in green meads by clara hill the flowers of Spring appearing
And songbirds pipe their happy notes and Summer days are nearing.
I envy thiose who stay at home and never wish to wander
with no desire to venture out and see the great wide yonder,
They’ve no desire to try their luck in noisy foreign city
I envy them their happiness the wanderer I pity.
The wandering blood flows in my veins I love to see new places
And I quickly tire of the one spot and it’s familiar faces
I’ve wandered halfway around the Earth elusive dreams I follow
But I am still a Millstreet man from Millstreet in Duhallow.

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