Doing what I can,
To issue you ‘another’ benefit of doubt.
I am pursuing to rest my bitterness…
And let peace between us exist.
But there is one thing wrong.
And I tell myself we ‘should’ get along.
But deep in my heart,
Where my feelings play a part?
They have a problem pretending,
Forgiving you will bring them to bliss!
When you are not around…
There is a joy and happiness!
They would rather be left alone…
Disliking you!
And ‘that’ is the conflict I am having too!
I can say the words…
But being dishonest like you,
Isn’t what I find like you I can do.
And trying it is not even on my mind!
Teardrops have long dried from my eyes!
And pretending I am glad to see you…?
I am not good at playing charades,
Dressing up for masquerades…
Or putting on smiles to disguise!
But I would love to see you,
Dance with the wind…
Over there!

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