Different types of clothes they do put on,
These are polyester, voile, nylon and cotton.
Clothes save our bodies from dust and sun,
In winter we use warm clothes fancy in fun.
All these dresses get dirty and need washing,
Some are cleaned in soap or surf no fixing.
Furry dress and blankets need dry wash,
Our bodies are clothes like, souls do quash.
It is defiled with vices, anxieties and sin,
We forget very often and do need din.
Knowledge is like surf can wash body mind,
It will be acquired in virtuous deed and kind.
God can purify our souls we will get peace,
It is the dry wash which cleans with nice.
Washing powder of body is grace of God,
Meditation brings peace, let’s do and nod.
Let’s have dry wash to our mind and body,
Which cleans violence vice grief and shoddy?

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